I think my parent nees care, what do I do?

The Aged Care Process

What other help can my parent get at home?

Carer Support Subsidy

A subsidy may be available to help cover the cost of replacement care while your parent’s carer takes a break. To apply, the carer needs to arrange an appointment with the assessor. The needs of your parent and their carer will be assessed. The carer will be given a number of days off per year, and can choose when to take them.

Day Care

Your parent can get day care provided by trained care workers. An activities programme of exercise and hobbies is generally included. Rest homes, retirement villages and stand-alone day care facilities offer day care programmes.

If day care is used to give the carer a break, your parent may be able to get the carer support subsidy to help with fees.

Home Modifications

Your parent can modify their home to make living at home easier.

Common difficulties and solutions:

Installing a rail will make it easier for your parent to climb up the steps to the front door. Wheelchair users can use a wheelchair lift or have a ramp installed.

Reducing clutter and trip hazards and improving lighting will make moving around the home easier.

Fitting an extra bannister rail or installing a stair lift will make getting up and down stairs easier.

If your parent has trouble getting to the front door when someone calls, they can install a door-entry intercom. Alternatively, they could put in a key safe that can only be opened by someone who knows the code.

Installing a bath lift makes getting into the bath easier.  Alternatively, your parent could get a bath that has a door, so they can get in and out without having to climb over the side.

Step Five: What happens after my parent is told they need care?

Step Four: How do they decide what care my parent will get?